• During your stay in Turkey, you will be obliged to abide by all the laws that control the Turkish Citizens
  • There are routine Identity Checks in Turkey. In order to avoid any unwarrented circumstances, you will be asked to carry your residence permit, asylum applicant identity card, the aylum seeker/refugee certificate at all times.
  • In Turkey, the asylum seekers and refugees should reside in the cities assigned by the Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs. Those that are not within the city of residence or those that fail to leave signature in the Foreigners Department of the City Directorate of Security are considered as fugitives and are punished with a bail around 500-3000 Turkish Liras. When you have to leave the city, you should apply for a Travel Permit / Short-Term Leave at the Foreigners Department of the City Directorate of Security.
  • The Asylum Seekers and Refuıgees have to arrange for their accommodation by their own means. For this reason, when you rent a place you should be careful about making sure to make a rent contract, to keep a copy of this contract with you - and in cases where you make an annual payment - to ensure that this fact is written on the contract. If possible, arrange to make the rental payment via a bank account.
  • United Nations High Commissionary for Refugees (UNHCR), the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other important institutions and organizations get in contact with you by phone. Therefore, you should get the phones you bought from outside of Turkey registered in Turkey within the first month of entry to Turkey, otherwise, these phones will be cancelled in 10 days. For registration, you can go to any mobile operator with your passport and your phone. A tax payment of 100 TL is due for the phone registry. When your number changes you should inform the UNHCR or UNCHR implementing partners about the phone number change.
  • All the NGOs, the international organizations and the public institutions are here to help you wihin the framework of their own terms of service. When you think that you are being exposed to wrong treatment you can place your complaint in written form to the relevant department of the related organization/institution. Having a row, hurting somebody or your own self would not contribute in any positive way to your file nor to yourself.