Self Counseling For

This project is a tool to enable civil participation. It is involved with raising awareness regarding the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and facilitating participation and involvement of refugees and asylum seekers in the advocacy activities through experience sharing and analyses by means of a guideline and a series of meetings between related stakeholders with the vision of establishing and improving dialogue between the NGOs, establishing an NGO infrastructure as a resource to advocacy activities, and establishing a local coordination mechanism including the establishment and reinforcement of the existing local networks.

About ASAM

The main objective of the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) is to provide solutions for the problems encountered by the refugees and asylum seekers and to support these groups towards meeting their basic needs. For this aim, ASAM carries out activities including providing psycho-social counseling for refugees and asylum seekers, raising awareness in public regarding the refugees and asylum seekers and drawing the attention of the related authorities to the problems of these groups. ASAM provides services to refugees and asylum seekers without discrimination on the basis of language, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or political stance.


Key Issues to Keep In Mind

  • During your stay in Turkey, you will be obliged to abide by all the laws that control the Turkish Citizens.
  • There are routine Identity Checks in Turkey. In order to avoid any unwarrented circumstances, you will be asked to carry your residence permit, asylum applicant identity card, the aylum seeker/refugee certificate at all times.
  • In Turkey, the asylum seekers and refugees should reside in the cities assigned by the Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs.